Natural Gas

Cost-Saving Natural Gas Solutions

CEG provides superior natural gas solutions that meet the short- and long-term needs of commercial and industrial clients. Choice is the key to effective energy management, and CEG supplies natural gas options beyond your local utility or distribution company (LDC). We’ve developed trusted relationships with reputable producers and wholesale suppliers, and our energy specialists help you realize cost savings while mitigating market risk.

How It Works

Businesses and municipalities in restructured states have the opportunity to select their energy supplier. After analyzing energy profile, CEG helps you choose a vendor that meets operational and budget objectives. Then, we maximize energy savings by assisting with contract review and term negotiation. For your convenience, your local utility company continues to deliver natural gas to your business—and respond to service-related calls.

Advantages of CEG’s natural gas procurement services include:

  • Timely, responsive support: Your account will be assigned to a Customer Relationship Manager trained to answer your questions and address concerns quickly and effectively.
  • Real-time energy pricing: Ensuring industry-best pricing, we customize gas rates to accommodate usage and protect from market volatility.
  • Free, no-obligation savings analysis: Before you sign up with CEG, our energy specialists provide you with a savings analysis based upon historical gas use and future goals. If you decided to partner with us, there are no sign-up fees—and no additional charges!


Serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and beyond, CEG has helped tens of thousands of customers navigate the evolving energy market and realize significant savings on reliable energy. To inquire about pricing options or schedule your simple savings analysis, call or email our team of experts.

Natural Gas Costs: Indexed Price Solutions

Streamlining natural gas management, CEG offers tailored purchasing solutions for commercial and industrial customers. Ensuring industry-best pricing that helps you meet long-term goals, we customize natural gas rates to accommodate usage requirements and protect from market volatility.

Indexed price solutions allow businesses to pay real-time prices for natural gas. This is a good option for facilities with the flexibility to adjust their pricing plan to suit market trends.

Advantages of index pricing include:

  • Market-driven natural gas expenses
  • Option to convert to fixed price
  • Cost savings during off-peak natural gas hours


While many businesses appreciate the flexible nature of index pricing, natural gas use must be carefully managed in order to realize savings. To determine whether index pricing is a good choice for your single- or multi-site business, or to request full-service management of your natural gas and energy portfolio, call or email our team of energy specialists today.

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