E-Z Rate Check

First Things First

Before developing a path to securing your energy for the lowest fiscal cost, Cornerstone show’s you where you’ve been. Our initial informative analysis provides a recent term historical cost comparative against the territory utility, as well as the Regional Transmission Organization reported market pricing, along with that of other suppliers as well.

EZ Rate Check equips customers with valuable information, essential in achieving the lowest fiscal expenditure for the energy their operation will need for the next term by illustrating the points in the market at which a managed approach would have made a difference. EZRC continues to reveal that the vast majority of commercial customers in unmanaged plans have been charged significantly more when compared to even their incumbent local territory utility, even though some utilities have hiked rates over 50%.

EZ Rate Check is similar to that of gauging an investment funds performance as compared against the S&P 500 and is consistent with the stated objective of achieving optimum cost reductions against what the territory utility would otherwise charge over a term. We employ a competitive baseline evaluation of a customer’s current supplier’s recent rates, terms and charges, against the territory service provider. It’s essential that a customer know if their current supplier has at the very least out-performed the default provider, prior to inking another energy deal. There’s no risk or obligation with EZ Rate Check, so the earlier the process is initiated, the sooner you’ll know where you currently stand and the longer we’ll have to secure lower rates and better terms.  Rates can be offered up to a year ahead of expiration without affecting existing agreements, but an evaluation can be done at any time. Our customers simply press send and sit back, we do the rest.


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