Market Pulse

Transforming Savings Projections Into Financial Reality

The core of Cornerstone’s managed solutions, securing and sustaining optimal energy supply value, is our fully and individually customized leading edge analytics. CEG continually assesses market fluctuations thru multiple market compositing and predictive modeling. Those observations are correlated with the intrinsic diminishment of time in every customer’s term and usage agreement to identify opportunities to keep savings intact, improve costs reductions or mitigate inflationary risk, all to ensure that our customers receive the energy they need for the least comparative cost.

We monitor and overlay the cost of energy sources utilized in electricity generation, such as Natural Gas, Coal and Oil in both spot and futures markets along with NYISO Regional Transmission Organization as well as many suppliers matrix reported prices. In addition, CEG uses multiple proprietary stand alone moving average charts and comparative territory utility and RTO market analytics, including long term historical information.

Cornerstone monitors markets in conjunction with the terms and context of rate agreements, always looking for significant opportunities to “Blend” rates in downward moves or in upward sustained trends, seize short term retractions to “Extend” cover beyond the initial expiration date. Correspondingly appropriate and strategically timed reactions spell the difference between outperforming and under performing the market, but more importantly saving or paying significantly more or less for energy.

Cornerstone provides our customers with email alerts and a quarterly newsletter containing pertinent market information and energy saving ideas and solutions, including green energy options. In addition, each quarter, our customers receive an EZ Rate Check Baseline Comparison Report against the territory utility, allowing customers to know how much they’re saving and the time left in their term.

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