Energy Choice

Cornerstone’s initial focus is to convey the premise and opportunities, as well as the pitfalls associated with the Deregulation of Electricity and Natural Gas to commercial clients. The legislative decree designates that territory utilities continue the distribution of both of these generic commodities, while allocating competition in the form of Energy Choice for energy users in various states.

Energy Choice affords commercial energy users the freedom to finally take control of arguably, the most difficult budgetary component an organization has to contain. Cornerstone transforms our customer’s energy use into purchasing power that can be leveraged to gain budget certainty and reduce costs.  And for the first time ever, CEG is providing small & medium size businesses the same customized energy management that until now was only reserved for mega energy users. Thru our proprietary market compositing tools, we secure highly competitive guaranteed rates and then manage them even lower as we identify market opportunities to further reduce energy costs and help increase a business’s profitability.


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